The Expert Persuasive Essay Outline

A persuasive essay requires a student to present a convincing case to an audience and agree with you or want to act. Regardless of the topic you are working on, it is best to come up with an outline to ease writing. This article offers a useful guideline for crafting a brilliant paper.

Structuring Your Persuasive Essay Draft

If you are working on this assignment, start as early as possible to have enough time to think through your opinions. To create an outline for your work, begin by writing the title at the top of a new page. Next, divide the rest of the space into the following sections.

Introductory Section

Make your audience interested in the essay with the first two sentences. This attention-grabber is vital for setting the stage for the persuasive article. Present your central idea—the thesis statement—in one sentence that captures where you stand on the issue. Remember that the body section will use up three of your paragraphs. Thus, state these points as a conclusion to the introduction.

The Body Section of the Persuasive Essay Outline

Start with the most significant point as the first argument to discuss. Making this your starting point allows you to order your thoughts logically. As such, you should also write them in the same order in the introductory paragraph. Remember to be specific with your elaborations since the word count may not allow you to go on tangents.

It is best to use examples that clearly show your point of view. Nevertheless, your persuasive essay must be written using authoritative sources. Thus, write the intext citations of the works alongside any peer-reviewed literature you have used. This practice will help you later when you are writing the paper since you will not have to look up the source again.

Each paragraph should end with a transitional sentence that shows the reader you are moving to the next point. So, think about the kind of transitions you want to make from one idea to the next. Keep this section of the outline organized so that it is easy to collect your thoughts when writing your persuasive essay.

The Conclusion Part of the Outline

Typically, the conclusion of a persuasive essay may be described as a reflection of the introduction. This means that it offers the same information as the initial paragraph. Before you repeat yourself in this section, you need to note the vital differences between these two paragraphs.

Here, students should reiterate their thesis statement without copying it. The same goes for the three points you raised in the body section. So, find another of restating your position. Finally, you need to finalize the outline with a closing statement relevant to the opener you used in the introduction.

In summary, coming up with a rough draft will help you formulate better arguments. Besides, you will have a clear understanding of what you will write about. Review the outline to make changes and to stay focused on the central point of your persuasive essay.

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